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We Give Back!

A percentage of proceeds will be used to support the OSA. Discussions are taking place in the guild on how to use and distribute the tokens. 

Robert, a member, had a fantastic idea for allocated tokens be used to foster development of dApps and useful tools for the ecosystem.

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A portion of proceeds support the alliance

Why Us?

  • We Vote with Your Interests in Mind!
  • NEAR Network Expertise
  • 3+ Years Experience Blockchain mining
  • 20+ Years Experience IT
  • Active NEAR Contributors
  • We Give back to the Community!

Staking Resources - See how decentralization is going and monitor if the pool you've delegated to is increasing or decreasing in stake. Created by guild member Denysk for his pool "StarDust" it's a great tool!  - Find additional information on validators including descriptions, social sites and their decentralization percentage. - Information on transactions, validators and accounts.

About OpenShards Pool

The OpenShards Pool is independently run by Blaze, the OSA lead, and his business partner. The pool is not affiliated with the Foundation or NEAR and has operating costs to run and maintain.