Guild Meeting Minutes

August 19th, 2021

Guild Call Recording


1. Revised guild rewards

2. Decentralize RPC

3. Launch GuildNet token

4. Sysadmins network need

5. Monitoring for master nodes

6. TPS testing


1. Installed master nodes Grafana, Prometheus - Trevor

2. Look at RPC endpoints being imported into Graphana - Blaze

3. Setup an on-call system with pager-duty

4. Setup decentralized RPC load balancer - NoBody

5. Move master nodes off of Nearup - Blaze


1. Move meeting up 1HR.

2. Recon will help sysadmin of master nodes

3. Recruit people to help support and build the network.

Key issues:

1. Need a core team of sysadmins to help support the network.


1. Move bounties to website, they are getting lost in Discord.

2. Recruit and Support more dApps coming online.

November 18th, 2021

Guild Call Recording


1. TestNet Validator Scoreboard

2. Feida update scoreboard for new validators

3. Update github project for GuildNet go-live

4. Create an RPC node channel

5. Create API Keys, Archival Node RPC

6. Supporting of TestNet onboarding of Validators